Make Japanese bbq sauce and mayo (see pictures for recipe)

Make noodles:

Boil water

Cook ramen noodles (don’t need seasoning packet)

Drain and return to pan, spray with Pam and lightly fry with some of bbq sauce

Cut cabbage very finally, toss with salt and fish sauce

Shredded carrots

Japanese pancake:

200ml flour

300ml water

1/2 TBS mirin

Whisk together abd more flour if needed.


1. Heat a pan on high with generous oil.

2. Spoon in drops of pancake mix and smooth out with back of spoon, should be very thin. Dust garlic powder on top of the pancake

3. Add cabbage and shredded carrots.

4. Add drizzles of the pancake mix on the top add green onions or dried chives

5. Layout some of noodles

6. Then flip the pancake on to the noodles so the top is now facing up.

7. While on stove drizzle bbq sauce and mayo

Can add crushed seaweed if you have it


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