Cooking Adventures: Mexico and S.America

Coconut boiled fish with garlic Tacos Homemade salsa Guacomle Enchiladas Sopapilla cheesecake To try: Tamales Tostadas Chile relleno Ceveiche Watermellon juice Empandas Churros Green rice

Cooking Adventures: Asia

  Thai Recipes Sushi Thai curry Galbi bulgogi and kimchii Som tom Indian butter curry Samosas Laab To try: Pad Thai Pad see ew Pho Stickey Rice and mango Korean steaks by Ming (Smoke and Pickles chef Wontons Eggrolls Ragoons Naan Kofta Dosa Paneer Fennel breath fresheners Thai sweet and sour chicken


Make the masa To make sure its fluffy drop a teaspoon into very cold ice water. If it floats its good! Mix green salsa verde with cooked chicken. You want it to be soggy