Succotash the ol’ Southern favorite, can be made numerous ways with any variation of fresh ingredients in the summer or canned/frozen in the winter. According to a frozen bag, 60 calories for 2/3 Cup serving. Can be as healthy (or not!) as you desire. Eat on its own or add in a fried rice.







Lima Beans

Green Beans

Canned diced tomatoes with green chilies (drained)

Garlic pepper

Hot habanero sauce


Slap Your Mama!



Saute onions in OO until translucent and starting to become caramelized. Add in bag of frozen country veggies, canned veggies, or fresh in the summer of corn, lima beans, carrots, and green beans. Cook until unfrozen and warm. Turn off heat. Add in drained canned tomatoes last, throw in garlic powder, slap your mama, and hot sauce.



Any shelled bean, including kidney, black, or possibly even lentils.


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